Tyron 'Jabu' Barnard: Indoor in Africa and the PHL
Tyron Barnard joins us to talk about playing indoor outdoor's, the latest version of the PHL in South Africa, and as usual with Tyron, stuff we never planned on.
Tyron 'Jabu' Barnard: Podcast #60 Runs 34:45
Kate Richardson-Walsh: Hockey Legend
Kate Richardson-Walsh has a good a Hockey CV as anyone and she will be bringing that knowledge and insight to the commentary box for the Vitality Hockey World Cup in London
Kate Richardson-Walsh: Podcast #58 Runs 17:27
Mark Moss: O/35 England Rep
Mark Moss will represent England in the upcoming Exin Masters World Cup and its a lot more serious than you may think.
Mark Moss: Podcast #57 Runs 17:27
Leonnie Howard: Hockey Mum
Leonnie Howard has followed her son Tim's Hockey journey around the globe. We get an inside look at the heroes behind our Hockey superstars.
Leonnie Howard: Podcast #56: Runs 13:42
Ashley Morrison: Broadcaster and Journalist
We join respected Hockey commentator Ashley Morrison in Breda for what may or may not be the last Champions Trophy.
Ashley Morrison: Podcast #054: Runs 18:19
David Navarro: Costa Rican International
We get a look inside the Hockey Open Series with Costa Rican International David Navarro as his country competes in its first international tournament
David Navarro: Podcast #053 Runs 18:19
Andrew Wilson: Coach and Broadcaster
Andrew Wilson speaks to us about Spanish Cup results, Coaching and his new found role as a Broadcaster.
Andrew Wilson: Coach and Broadcaster: Podcast #52 runs 33:16
Joel Forrester: CEO Hockey for Heroes
Op Endure is underway and we join Joel Forrester on the road with the latest Hockey for Heroes battalion.
Joel Forrester: CEO, Hockey for Heroes: Podcast #51 runs 10:04
50th Episode Discussion Panel
Ernst Bart, Keely Dunn, Jaspreet Sahni and Tyron Barnard join us to discuss the issues facing our great game
50th Episode Discussion Panel: Part One: Podcast #50 runs 49:20
50th Episode Discussion Panel: Part Two: Podcast #51 runs 37:36
Yorma Thompson: Club Hockey in Japan
We talk to our old team mate Yorma Thompson in Tokyo about his experiences of the club Hockey scene in Japan
Yorma Thompson: Club Hockey in Japan : Podcast #49 runs 17:25
FJ Campbell: Author and Hockey Lover
Author FJ Campbell loves books and Hockey. So she combined the two in her novel, No Number Nine. We speak to her about where life intersects with Hockey.
FJ Campbell: Author, 'No Number Nine' : Podcast #46 runs 25:57
Jaspreet Sahni: Commonwealth Games Wrap Up
With the Commonwealth Games run and won we join Jaspreet Sahni to discuss the winners and losers, and how it all went down in India
Jaspreet Sahni: Commonwealth Games Wrap Up : Podcast #45 runs 14:46
Alyson Annan: Netherlands National Womens Coach
If you can win it in Hockey as a player, Alyson Annan probably has. Now she is doing the same as a coach with the Dutch National Womens side.
Alyson Annan: Netherlands Ntional Womens Coach : Podcast #44 runs 25:34
Claire Allen: Hockey Family Correspondent
With the Commonwealth Games under way we chat to Claire Allen, on the ground on the Gold Coast for the Hockey Family
Claire Allen: Hockey Family Correspondent : Podcast #43 runs 9:26
Stephen Findlater: EHL KO16
The EHL knockouts hit Rotterdam and Stephen Findlater, EHL Communications Manager, joins us to preview the event
Stephen Findlater: EHL KO16: Podcast #42  runs 19:32
Ernst Baart: Co-Founder of HOCKEYtoday.cc
Ernst is back again this week talking about his other hockey project, the coaching resource and forum HOCKEYtoday.cc
Ernst Baart: Co-Founder of HOCKEYtoday.cc: Podcast #42 runs 11:58
Ernst Baart: Founder of be-hockey.com
Ernst Baart is the founder of be-hockey.com and loves to talk, write, discuss, share and enthuse on just about anything to do with the game. He joins us to share his thoughts.
Ernst Baart: Founder of be-hockey.com: Podcast #41  runs 29:10
Oriol Peremiquel: Co-Founder of Scorrd.com
scorrd.com is a new Hockey community designed to bring players, coach's and teams together. We speak to it's co-founder Oriol Peremiquel
Oriel Peremiquel: Co-Founder of scorrd.com: Podcast #40  runs 26:29 
Arul Anthoni: Coach of UniKL in the MHL
Coach of UniKL in the Malaysian Hockey League, Arul Anthoni joins us to get inside both the MHL and the game beyond the spotlight in Malaysia. 
Arul Anthoni: Commentator and Coach: Podcast #39  runs 16:53 
Jade Bloomfield: Hockey World News
In just four editions Hockey World News has grown to be one of the largest Hockey publications on the planet. We talk to Editor in Chief Jade Bloomfield and  find out what goes on behind the scenes when you go behind the scenes
Jade Bloomfield: Hockey World News: Podcast #38  runs 28:19 
Flynn Ogilvie: Australian International
In the lead up to the Azlan Shah Cu we talk to Australian International Flynn Ogilvie about his carreer so far and the oppurtunities for the future
Flynn Ogilvie: Australian International: Podcast #37  runs 7:55 
Lawrence Tandjoeng: Producer, Hockey Heroes TV
This week Matt talks to Lawrence Tandjoeng from Hockey Heroes TV a new You Tube channel that features the latest skill and coaching tips, player vlogs and lots of fun Hockey vision.
Lawrence Tandjoeng: Producer, Hockey Heroes TV: Podcast #36  runs 9:31 
Salis Bangs: President of Sierra Leone Hockey Association
Sierra Leone has had some tough times recently. But one man has decided Hockey can bring hope back to his country. With just 120 sticks at his disposal, Salis Bangs is determined to see the game grow. And we think he is just the man to make Sierra Leone the 'Australia of African Hockey'.
Salis Bangs: Sierra Leone Hockey Association : Podcast #35  runs 31:28 
Grant Schubert: Gold Medal Olympian and World XI Member
Grant Schubert is a gold medal winning Olympian and member of the World XI who took on Pakistan recently. We talk to him about those experiences and find out what he is up to these days.
Grant Schubert: Gold Medal Olympian : Podcast #34  runs 32:03 
Gigi Oliva: Spanish Dual Olympian
Following game three of the recent Spain vs Hockeyroos series, we had the pleasure of chatting to Spanish pocket rocket Gigi Oliva. And no, it's not, that's Spanish assistant coach Andy Wilson
 Gigi Oliva: Spanish Dual Olympian: Podcast #33  runs 19:03 
Gijs Hardeman: Founder Hockey Dreams Foundation
Africa is a largly untapped hockey resource. Through the Hockey Dreams Foundation, Gijs Hardeman is leading the way with community based programs that benefit more than just the sport.
 Gijs Hardeman: Hockey Dreams Foundation: Podcast #31  runs 30:52