Tyron 'Jabu' Barnard: South Africa's PHL
Tyron Barnard joins us from South Africa in the middle of a Hockey storm. The PHL finals series has been decided and there is plenty of action indoors.
 Tyron 'Jabu' Barnard: PHL Report: Podcast #27  runs 20:06 
Alan Gormley: Walking Hockey
Alan Gormley is the man that sets the pace for Walking Hockey and this week we talk to him about opening up the game for all walks of life. And for that pun Alan, we truly apologize.
 Alan Gormley: Walking Hockey: Podcast #26  runs 22:34   
Jaspreet Sahni: Mens HWL Final Preview
In the lead up to the finals of the mens Hockey World League in India, we speak to Jaspreet Sahni about the tournament. And is usually the case with Jas, we don't stop there.
  Jaspreet Sahni: Mens HWL Final Preview: Podcast #25  runs 38:16   
Tammy Standley: FIH Technical Delegate
With the Womens final of the Hockey World League under way in Auckland we speak to FIH Technical Delegate Tammy Standley about her role 
  Tammy Standley: FIH Technical Delegate: Podcast #24  runs 24:08 
John Whiting: Media Manager 
With the Hockey worlds attention on Aukland we talk to Hockey New Zealand Media Manager John Whiting about the game in New Zealand and what it takes to  organise a major tournament.
  John Whiting: Media Manager HockeyNZ : Podcast #23  runs  34:22
Kelvin Watt: Premier Hockey League
South Africa has a history of self reliance. This week we talk to Kelvin Watt from the country's Premier Hockey League. Could this be a blueprint for the future globally.
Kelvin Watt: Podcast #022  runs 29:54  
Keely Dunn: Founder of FHumpires.com
Former international umpire and founder of fhumpires.com  Keely Dunn is our guest this week. She shares some great insights in this full length interview
Keely Dunn: Podcast #21  runs 42:26 
Jaspreet Sahni Talks Hero Asia Cup
We wrap up the Hero Asia Cup for the men with Indian Sports journalist Jaspreet Sahni and look ahead to the womens competition. 
Jaspreet Sahni: Asia Cup Wrap: Podcast #20  runs 21.03 
Pakistan Hockey has taken great strides recently, on and off the field. This week we talk to Ijaz Chaudhry, Media Manager for the Pakistn Hockey Federation, about the state of the game and hoopes for the future.
Ijaz Chaudhry: Podcast #19  runs 54:58 
Pablo Mendoza: Player, Coach, Publisher
Hockey has taken Pablo Mendoza across the globe. Now Pablo takes Hockey across the globe with ahockeyworld.net. He talks to us about his love for the game and the global community of the Hockey family
Pablo Mendoza: Podcast #18  runs 25:30 
Stephen Findlater: EHL Media Officer
The Euro Hockey League has kicked off and this week we talk the the EHL Media Officer Stephen Findlater about the competition, the Irish umpires dispute and we get to the point on points.
Stephen Findlater: Podcast #17  runs 63;42 
Without volunteers our sport would collapse. Our feature interview this week is with founder of the Hockey Family and award winning Hockey Maker, Taff Ahmed.
Taff Ahmed: Podcast #16  runs 49:52 
Matt Bird: Junior Kookaburra
The Australian Hockey League is about to kick off and we speak to  Western Australian Thunderstick, Matt Bird about his hopes for the tournament.
Matt Bird: Podcast #15  runs 13:17 
Thanks to Ashley Morrison and Not The Footy Show our feature interview this week is former international umpire Murray Grime. He shares his Hockey journey and views on the game following a 23 year international career.
Murray Grime: Podcast #14  runs 12:32 
Been a busy week in Indian Hockey and Jaspreet Sahni joins us once again to catch up on the latest moves in the coaching ranks and the front runners to fill the top job.
Jaspreet Sahni Podcast #13  runs 22:30 
This week we chat to Irish U/21 duo Sara Twomey and Emma Buckley ahead of the Euro Hockey Junior Championship in Valencia, Spain. It may be the Emerald Isle but the Irish girls would like to go home with Gold.
Sara Twomey and Emma Buckley Podcast #12  runs 17:57 
Sabine Hahn is a German author and illustrator. and now she is a hockey nut like the rest of us. Sabine has written a series of books for children, 'The Hockey Kids'. We think it may be a first. Join Sabine, along with Max, Lena and Lars, for this weeks featured interview.
Sabine Hahn Podcast #11  runs 12:33 
Jaspreet Sahni, Indian Sports Journalist
This week we feature Indian sports journalist Jaspreet Sahni about the game in India and the recent rumbligs coming from the sub-continent. What started out a 10 minute chat ended up at nearly an hour. You can listen to our edited highlights from Podcast #9 and #10 or listen to the entire converstion.
Jaspreet Sahni Podcast #09 runs 12:49 
Jaspreet Sahni  Podcast #10 runs 12:08 
Jaspreet Sahni Full Interview runs 48:25 
Simon Hoskins, Executive Director of USA Field Hockey
The Pan American Cup is underway and this week we talk to the Executive Director of USA FIeld Hockey Simon Hoskins about hosting the event and about the growth of the game under the stars and stripes.
Simon Hoskins: Podcast #08: runs 16:41 
Rheya Richardson, Secretary of TTHB
It was a pleasure to have the oppurtunity to speak to Rheya Richardson, Secretary of the Trinindad and Tobago Hockey Board. How do you get a pool of 500 players to a world ranking of #35 for both men and women? For Reyah, its hard work and oppurtunity.
Rheya Richardson: Podcast #07: runs 31:11 
Bernardo Fernandes, founder of self-pass.com
Bernardo Fernandes has been a coach, player and lover of the game since he was 9. He now leads a new generation of Hockey stars through his website self-pass.com. Hear his Hockey journey and the thoughts of a true believer on the state of the game
Bernardo Fernandes Part 1; Podcast #05: runs 26:18 
Bernardo Fernandes Part 2: Podcast #06: runs 22:20 
Terry Walsh   FIH Master Coach
Terry Walsh has been a constant on the international Hockey scene since 1975. We spoke to him for over an hour and still only managed to scratch the surface. From the early days to missed Olympics and World Cup glory through to a stellar career at the coaching level. Name another international athlete that blew an ACL and returned to the top level without surgery!!
Terry Walsh Part 1: Podcast #02: runs 18:24  
Terry Walsh Part 2: Podcast #03: runs 22:50  
Terry Walsh Part 3: Podcast #04  runs 29:20 
Terry Walsh Full Interview  runs 1:09:09 
Mike Smith, Curator of the Hockey Museum
Our first feature interview is with Mike Smith, curator of the Hockey Museum. We talk to Mike about the museums formation, its aims and goals, as well as the rich histroy of our great game. This is our full unedited interview with Mike and runs a few seconds under 30 minutes.
If you would like to know more about the museum or how you can contribute click on the Hockey Museum logo on the right and check out there excellent website.

Mike Smith: Podcast #01  runs 1:09:09