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                      The whole purpose of this website is to share and disseminate the views and ideas, as well as the personal stories, that go into making up the Hockey Family. And Hockey is not just about national teams. We want to hear from all levels of the game. We have a vision of creating a literary legacy for the game much the same as cricket enjoys. Hockey covers a vast part of the globe and includes too many nationalites, religions, ethnic groups etc to list here. But if you are reading this page you have something in common with all those disparate people, a hockey stick.
                      We really have no editorial policy. Write about whatever you like as long as Hockey is a theme somewhere. Upset about changes to the scoring system? Tell us why. As long as its rational and reasoned and not just a torrent of abuse we will publish it. Have to travel for four hours through the jungle to get a game on a mud field on the side of a hill? We definately want to hear about that! 
                      The game is full of great people and great stories, it's about time we started sharing them.
                      We are also seeking people to be 'correspondants'. These would be people that would be prepared to write a semi regular feature about whats happening in your country/region hockey wise and to be interviewed on the podcast.
                      At this stage we cannot pay for contributions. We would like too. Currently this website costs us money. We are hoping to get to the point were we can make enough money to keep the site going and to pay for copy. We can't give you money, yet, but we can give you an oppurtunity.
If you would like to contribute or like to know more about us and this project you can send us an email via the form below or contact us directly at the email address below the contact form. We hope to hear from you soon!

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